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Best Drone Under 300

Drone flying is becoming a more and more popular hobby with many enthusiasts old and young taking up the remote. While it certainly can be an expensive hobby, some drones can run into the thousand of dollars, it doesn’t always have to break the bank.

best drones under 300 altair aerial

Drones for Budget Conscious Pilots

There are a lot of fantastic companies out there, like us here Altair Aerial, that are creating drones for budget conscious fliers.

We are aware of the budget conscious flyer, and are dedicated to building drones that fit with any budget.

Today we’ll look at the best drone under $300, and how to get started flying on a budget. Here at Altair Aerial we’re dedicated to creating fantastic drones in this price range.

There are a lot of great manufactures out there hitting this price range, so the competition is certainly there. With so many newcomers to the hobby, there's been a lot of innovations over the past few years.

This is especially true for drones in the lower price range, which present an easy barrier of entry to entering the hobby.

The Altair Difference? Quality and Customer Service

At Altair, we’ve created several high quality drones under $300. To keep up with our competitors, we’re committed to creating only the best drones.

We take pride in every drone we built, and want everyone interested in the hobby to have their own drone. To top of our quality, we also pride ourselves on are world class customer service! We make sure each customer is taken care of, and strive to have to have best in class support.


AA108 - Mini Drone Under $300

First up, we have the AA108. This little drone is perfect for beginners, and comes with a nice list of features that are sure to make both beginners and experts happy!

best drone under 300 aa108 1

Easy to Follow Instructions

The drone itself is super easy to get started with. We’ve taken great care to write clean, easy to follow instructions, and go over everything you need to get started in quick fashion.

Fly From Your Smartphone

The companion app is also very easy to set up, and once downloaded provides access to both the drone and the camera. We wanted to make sure that you could jump right into use your drone, and not have to waste time setting it up.

Fly Indoors or Outdoors

When it comes to flying, this drone is excellent for both indoor and outdoor flight. The drone itself handles quite well, making it easy enough to fly indoors without banging into walls. It also comes with a one touch take-off and landing, making one of the more difficult parts for beginners simple.

Includes Two Batteries For Long Flight Time

The battery runs at about 8 minutes on a single charge, which is fairly standard for a drone in this price range. With two batteries, you’re looking at an average of 16 minutes of flight time between charges.

Another really cool feature on this drone is the low battery indication, the remote will actually start to beep. The drone will also utilize its auto-land functionality when it runs out of battery, preventing any sort of crashes.

Budget Friendly

At only $119.80, this is an excellent drone for the money. Add onto it the camera and the high quality customer service from Altair, and this is a great beginner drone.

best drone under 300 altair aerial aa108

818 Hornet - Budget Friendly Quadcopter

Next up in our best drones under $300 we have the 818 Hornet. This is also a beginner friendly drone, that is packed full of features at a really great price.

While a bit large to fly indoors, it makes an excellent drone to fly outdoors. The Drone does require a bit of assembly, but the instructions are very clear and it can be done in about 10-20 minutes max.

best drone under 300 altair hornet 818

HD Camera Included

The drone comes with a camera that is controlled by the companion app. The app is super easy to set up, and gives control over the drone and camera.

It then allows you to stream video right to your phone.

Great For Beginners

When it comes to flying, this drone is quite easy to fly and great for a beginner. It starts off with three different flight speeds that can make it easier to get use to.

You also get the benefits of the auto take off and landing on this drone.

Includes Two 15 Minute Batteries!

The 818 Hornet also come with a battery that can hold a flight time of 15 minutes. When compared to other drones in the same price range that's amazing!

Drones under $300 very often have less than 10 minutes flow time. Further add to it that this drone comes with two batteries, and you’ve got up to 30 minute of flight time between charges!

Overall, this is a great drone, and coming in at only $159.90 it’s a great value for the price. Given the features, this is one of the best drones with camera under $300! The camera here really shines, and sets this drone apart from others in the same price range.

Best Drone Under $300

Getting started with drones doesn’t have to be expensive, there are a great number of high quality drones under $300. With companies like Altair producing drones, it’s easy to not only get a fantastic drone, but also get top notch customer service.



best drones under 300 faq

Are Drones Expensive?

They can be, but not all have to be. There are a large number of good quality drones under $300, like the AA108 or the 818 Hornet. Drones like this mix quality with affordability.

What Should I Look For In a Drone Under $300?

It depends on your personal goals, for example is a camera important to you? In general though, having a good battery life and being durable are two of the most important aspects. Cheaper drones are great for beginners, so having both of these characteristics makes them better for beginner fliers.

What Makes an Altair Drone a Good, Affordable Drone?

To start, all of our drones are high quality and built to last. We take pride in each drone and make sure it’s a great value for the money. We also believe in treating people right, and offer best in class customer service to each and everyone of our customers.