Altair Featured Products

Altair Dagger 4K

The Altair Dagger is our first 4K drone. This drone is foldable too so you can take it anywhere!

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818 Hornet

The 818 Hornet Plus is a great drone for ages 8+, it comes with 2 batteries for 30 Minutes of flight time!

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Bravo RC Truck

The Altair Bravo 1:16 scale RC Truck is great for all ages! It comes with two batteries for 40 Minutes of playtime!

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RC Boats Great for Kids and Beginners

Fast & Fun RC Boating Kids and adults will marvel at the speeds the AA Aqua can achieve once up on a cruising plane. Take the AA Aqua to the limits and watch as your friends beg for a turn.

Go ahead. You can share.

But you don't have to!

Autonomous Hover and Positioning System

Self-Correcting Flight System AHP Autonomous Hover & Position and Optimal Flow System ensures steady flights right out-of-the-box.


This feature makes hovering in place as easy as letting go of the control sticks. You will be able to gain confidence in your flying ability and have more fun with your drone!

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