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Altair Falcon FAQs

Altair Falcon FAQs

What is the Autonomous Hover & Positioning System?

The Autonomous Hover & Positioning System is unique to the Altair and the Altair Falcon. It helps you keep your drone in place if you take your hands off the controller, making it ideal for beginners. To learn more about this system check out this video

What is the flight range of the Altair Falcon?

The Falcon can fly approximately 100 meters

How much does the Altair Falcon weigh?

The Falcon weighs approximately 147 grams

What are the measurements of the Altair Falcon?

The dimensions of the Falcon are 267x245x59mm

What type of battery is included with the Altair Falcon?

The Falcon comes with a 3.7V 1000mAh battery

What is the battery life of the Altair Falcon?

The battery lasts approximately 8-10 minutes

How long should it take to recharge the battery for my drone?

It takes approximately 130-180 minutes to fully charge the Falcon's battery

Does the Falcon come with a built-in camera?

Yes! The Falcon has a built in, 720p HD Camera.

Can I leave my battery plugged in overnight?

No. Please do not leave any charging batteries outside of your care and never leave them to charge overnight. Take a look at this video for more information.

Can I attach my smartphone to the controller for FPV flying?

Yes! Use the included smartphone attachment to use your smartphone for FPV viewing. Take a look at this video for more information.

How do I pair the controller with the Falcon?

First, plug the battery into the Falcon drone body until you hear the battery click into position. The power button is located on top of the drone body. Turn the power on and the lights will begin to blink. Next, turn on the power to the falcon controller.  To pair the controller, pull both control sticks down and to the center until you hear an audible confirmation that the Falcon drone is now connected. Check out this video for a full step-by-step procedure.

How does the Falcon handle in the wind?

You should never fly the Falcon in windy conditions.

How do I install new propellers?

Installing replacement propellers correctly is extremely important to safely continue to fly your Falcon. Make sure to only replace one propeller at a time and to only replace "A" propellers with "A" replacement propeller and "B" propellers with "B" replacement propellers. For more help with propeller installation, please watch this video.

How do I unlock the propellers?

Make sure that you are outside and in and open space with a low amount of wind before you unlock your drone. First, be sure that your drone has the battery in. Next, pull the control sticks down and to the middle to unlock the propellers. Your drone is now ready for flight! Check out this video to see the process.

What are the trim functions on the Falcon?

You will most likely not need to use the trim functions on the Falcon but if you're drone is not moving as accurately as it should. To learn how to use the trim functions on your controller, please watch this video.

How do I install the phone mount onto my controller?

Take the phone mount and slide it into the opening on the top of your controller. Then, gently open the clip and place your phone into it. To see this process in action, watch this video here.

How do I remove the phone mount from my controller?

To remove your phone mount flip your controller over and press the two clips together to slide the mount out. Gently pull from the top to finish removing the mount. To watch how this is done click the video here.

How many flight modes are on the Falcon?

There are three speed modes on the Falcon making it great for beginner and advanced pilots. If you press the right stick on your controller you can toggle through the different modes. Each mode is identified by a number of beeps. One beep is the slow mode, two beeps is intermediate, and three beeps is the advanced and fastest mode. To see how this works watch this video here.