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Have Fun. Be Kind. Fly Drones. Repeat.

Welcome to the home of Altair Aerial!

We are a small company based in Lincoln, Nebraska and we don't just want to develop drones that you'll love, we want to provide you with the kind of first class customer service we expect our Mothers to receive.

We believe that buying products doesn't necessarily end at the checkout. Sometimes you have questions and the last thing you want to do is get patched into some call center or feel like you're being handled by an intern. In fact, when you contact us, you're actually talking one-on-one with one us here in Nebraska. At Altair, our customers know that we develop quality products that we believe in, which makes talking about them so much fun!

Matthew C.

About Us MattMatt was born and raised in Lincoln, Nebraska. He has been involved in finding the latest and greatest tech toys ever since he somehow had a Nintendo Gamecube six months before anyone else on his block even knew what a Gamecube was. Authors note: I have no idea if that is true, but it sorta sounds true after getting to know Matt.

Matt Facts:
Drone: The Hornet
Song Lyric: You've Got the Juice
Socks: Optional

Our Promise To Our Customers

There are a lot of drone companies out there, so we are always grateful when customers choose to shop with us. We want to repay the gesture by providing the kind of customer service WE want when we buy a product.

So when you buy from us, and you have a comment or complaint, you don’t have to worry about any toll-free numbers. You’re not going to be talking to a cubicle farm from another country or even another state. Just send us an E-mail and we’ll give you a call to walk you through anything you might want to know. Are you a first-time buyer who’s not sure what drone to purchase? We’ll take that call. Having difficulty calibrating or replacing propellers? We’ll take that too. Trying to cook a really good bone-in Iowa pork chop with the perfect amount of thickness? That one too. Even our founders take calls from our home office right here in the heartland of Lincoln, Nebraska.

Don’t like talking over the phone? Hey, I get it. That’s why we’ve also filmed YouTube videos on just about any topic you could imagine. Just click here to go to our YouTube channel for advice on building, calibrating, repairing, and flying the full line of Altair Aerial products. Need a video on something that’s not covered there? Just let us know!

We love drones. And why wouldn’t we? They’re awesome! But we love taking care of our customers even more. And that’s a promise.