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Welcome to the home of Altair Aerial. We’re a small company born in Lincoln, Nebraska – just a couple of small-town guys with a simple dream. We don’t just want to build better drones. We want to build a better business.

You see, our founder, Matthew Cookson, is a lifelong drone lover who’s flown it all. And we truly believe in bringing you only the highest-quality aircraft with unbeatable performance and lightning-fast delivery times.

But here in Lincoln, we also believe in “Nebraska Nice.” So we don’t just want you to feel like a customer – we want you to feel like part of the family, and that’s why we provide the friendliest customer service in the industry.

No call centers. No grumpy interns. Just one-on-one conversations between you and our founders – the way it should be.

Want to have see us in action? Check out our youtube videos that answer all the questions our customers have for us about our products, on our videos page