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AA Aqua FAQs

AA Aqua FAQs

Why won't the boat and the controller connect?

The AA Aqua will not connect to the remote control unless the boat sensors detect that it is in water, this is the CSP Child Safe Propeller system that keeps the propeller from turning to prevent injuries unless the boat is in water.

How much does the AA Aqua weigh?

The AA Aqua weighs approximately 1.25 lbs. without the battery

What are the measurements of the AA Aqua?

The dimensions of the AA Aqua are 424 x 114 x 89 mm

What type of battery is included with the AA Aqua?

The AA Aqua comes with two Li-ion batteries for double the sailing time

How fast can the AA Aqua go?

The AA Aqua can reach speeds of up to 30 km/hr

What is the battery life of the AA Aqua?

The battery life of this boat is approximately 6-8 minutes

How do I insert the boat's battery?

You need to remove two caps on the boat to open the battery's cavity by unlocking clips on the boat. To learn how to do this, watch this video here.

How long should it take to recharge the AA Aqua's battery?

It takes approximately 220 minutes to charge the AA Aqua's battery

Can I leave my battery plugged in overnight?

No. Please do not leave any charging batteries outside of your care and never leave them to charge overnight.

How do I know if my battery needs charged?

If you're battery is running low, a low battery alarm will go off letting you know that it's time to charge your battery.

Can I leave the battery in my boat to charge it?

No. Please do not leave the battery in your boat to charge it to avoid it overheating. The best way to charge the battery is by removing it from the boat and charging it after it cools. Be sure to keep an eye on the battery at all times

How do I connect my boat to the controller?

The boat will connect to the controller once you place it in the water. To learn more about connecting your boat and sailing it, watch this video HERE

What do I do if the transmitter is on but the RC boat isn't running?

The RC boat will not run unless it’s in the water. This is for your safety.

What are the trim functions on my AA Aqua controller?

The trim functions help control the boat if it's idling. There are 4 trim buttons on the controller. The top 2 buttons serve help control the back and forth and the bottom 2 help control the left and right. To learn more about how these fucntions work, watch this video HERE

What does the anti-capsize system do?

The anti-capsize system on the AA Aqua will help you turn your boat upright in case it flips over in rough water. To learn more about the anti-capsize feature and keep your boat upright watch this video HERE

How do I re-calibrate my AA Aqua?

You may find that you need to re-calibrate your boat if it's not responding as expected. To do this, turn on the power button and capsizing reset device. Adjust as needed with the trim buttons. Be sure to keep your fingers away from the propellers at all times during calibration.

How can I operate the AA Aqua?

To operate the boat you will want to use the throttle on your controller. To go forward, pull back on the throttle. To go backwards, pull forward. To turn left or right, pull back on the throttle and use the steering knob clockwise or counterclockwise

How far can I drive my boat?

The AA Range has a range of 100 meters or 370 feet. When the boat is close to or at the maximum transmitter distance of 120 meters, the transmitter will constantly send out two short beeps in quick succession (“beep-beep…beep-beep…beep-beep…” to remind the user to bring the boat back immediately. If the boat travels beyond the maximum transmitter distance, the user will lose control of the boat and it may cause damage to itself or to others in the water.

What do I do if something happens to my RC boat?

If you're having issues with your AA Aqua, consult the user manual to see if the answer is in there. If not, you can contact Altair Aerial at

Can I sail my boat in extreme weather conditions?

It's not recommended you drive the AA Aqua in extreme winds or rains. While it can handle some rough water, too rough of conditions could result in damage to your boat.

Is the AA Aqua good for kids?

The AA Aqua can be enjoyed by people of all ages. In children under 14, it's recommended that there is an adult present all times while the boat is being used.

Can I purchase spare parts for my AA Aqua RC boat?

Spare parts can be purchased at Altair Aerial's webiste