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Altair Outlaw FAQs

Altair Outlaw FAQs

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How do I pair the controller with the Outlaw?

First, plug the battery into the Altair Outlaw and lock the battery into position with the twist lock feature. Once you hear the audible confirmation beeps, grab your controller for the next step. First, push the red button down on the top left side and then flip the on switch in the middle of your remote. You will hear one long beep and then two short beeps to confirm the Outlaw and the remote are now paired. On your LCD Screen you will see bars indicating the connection status and the lights on your drone will be blinking alternatively from front to back. To see this in action, watch this video here

How does the Return to Home function work on the Outlaw?

After calibrating the Outlaw horizontally and vertically, unlock the propellers and take a look at the LED screen on the Remote Control. You will need to have a least a Satellite Strength of 7 (we recommend 11) in order for Return to Home to function properly.

Pressing the Return to Home button on the remote will tell the Outlaw to climb in altitude to avoid trees and obstacles and then it will return to the take off origin point. With the drone hovering above, press the Return to Home button once again and then slowly lower the down for a safe landing.

This function will also automatically engage if the drone and remote control lose their connection for any reason. If your drone and remote lose connection, the Outlaw will activate Return to Home and climb to a safe height before heading back to the take off origin point. Once at the origin point, the drone will hover for a moment and then safely land at the original take off spot. To see this in action, watch this video here

Why is my drone blinking? Nothing is happening.

Make sure that you are outside and in and open space with a low amount of wind. Pair your remote according the the instructions and then compass calibrate the Outlaw horizontally and then vertically. When the lights are no longer blinking, you are able to unlock the propellers and fly the drone.Watch the video here

How does the Outlaw handle in the wind?

You should never fly the Outlaw in windy conditions.

What is the flight range of the Outlaw?

The Altair Outlaw is GPS capable at 600 meters and can transmit a WiFi signal at 300 meters . However, it is unsafe to fly the Outlaw out of your own sightline.

How much does the Outlaw weigh?

The Altair Outlaw (including battery) weighs 440g

What are the measurements of the Altair Outlaw?

The Altair Outlaw measures 310mm diagonally and is 75mm high

What type of battery is included with the Altair Outlaw?

A 7.4V 1800 mAh Li-polymer battery is included with the Altair Outlaw

What is the battery life of the Altair Outlaw?

Each battery can last between 15 and 17 minutes

How long should it take to recharge the battery for my drone?

A full recharge will take around 5 hours

How do I install new propellers?

Installing replacement propellers correclty is extremely important to safely continue to fly your Altair Outlaw. Make sure to only replace one propeller at a time and to only replace "A" propellers with "A" replacement propeller and "B" propellers with "B" replacement propellers. For more help with propeller installation, please watch this video

Does the Outlaw come with a built-in camera?

Yes! The Altair Outlaw has a built in, 1080p HD Camera.

Is the Outlaw a good drone for kids?

No. The Outlaw is rated for ages 14 and up and should only be flown by experienced pilots. Once familiar with the Outlaw controls, the drone features several modes which make flying more enjoyable.

What kind of memory card do I need to use with the Outlaw?

The Altair Outlaw takes a microSD TF memory card. No memory card is included with the Altair Outlaw. Take a look at this video for more information

Does the Outlaw have 4 or 6 axis control?

The Altair Outlaw features 6 axis control. This means that the drone can go up and down, left and right, and it can also turn clockwise and counterclockwise.

Does the Outlaw have headless mode? What is headless mode?

The Altair Outlaw (along with most Altair drones) does have Headless Mode. Take a look at this video to understand Headless Mode better.

What is throttle mode?

Throttle mode can be useful if you would like to change to configuration of the controls. This can be most useful if you are left handed and would like to flip the configuration for comfort. Take a look at this video to understand Throttle mode better.

How do I unlock the propellers?

Make sure that you are outside and in and open space with a low amount of wind before you unlock your drone. First, be sure that your drone has the battery in and compass calibration has been completed and that your drone is paired with the remote. Next, to unlock the propellers, short-press the red button on the top right of your controller. Your drone is now ready for flight! Take a look at this video to see this process.

What is Gesture mode? Should I use it?

Gesture mode does not use the GPS functionality of your Altair Outlaw. This is a more advanced setting and should only be used by experienced pilots. Please see this video to understand the differences between gesture mode and GPS mode.

When should I do aircraft compass calibration?

Aircraft compass calibration should be done each time the battery has been removed and then reinserted into the drone. Take a look at this video to see how to compass calibration works.

My drone isn't responding to my controls. How do I fix this?

If your drone isn't responding properly to the controls (this can happen after a hard landing or minor accident), you'll want to do a control stick calibration. Follow the steps in this video and then recalibrate the compass for before your next flight.

Can I leave my battery plugged in overnight?

No. Please do not leave any charging batteries outside of your care and never leave them to charge overnight. Take a look at this video for more information.

Can I attach my smartphone to the controller for FPV flying?

Yes! Use the included smartphone attachment to use your smartphone for FPV viewing. Take a look at this video for more information

How do I record my photos and videos to a memory card?

Be sure to insert the memory card into your Outlaw Drone before installing the battery. If the battery is installed before the memory card you will still be able to record photos and video, but the recordings will be added to your mobile device.